An Updated Examination Of Finding Necessary Aspects For Business Funding announces 2016 Veteran Benefits Scholarship Winners (PRWEB) January 31, 2017 today announced the winners of their first annual scholarship program for American students enrolled in an accredited two-year college or four-year university program. Of the nearly 100 students who applied from 70 different schools nationwide, only three students were selected to receive the scholarship award. is the leading free resource for information on the Aid and Attendance pension benefit which helps senior veterans and their spouses pay for the costs of care. The organization launched its annual scholarship program in 2016 as part of an initiative to bring awareness to younger generations of the benefits currently offered to senior veterans and what kind of benefit they would implement. Winners were chosen based on their essay response to the prompt, Give an example of one veteran's benefit and explain how it helps senior veterans. Then propose your own benefit to help senior veterans. Three students were selected to receive the $2,000 Veteran Benefits Scholarship. The winners of the 2016 Veteran Benefits Scholarship were Parys Alexander, Mary Biller, and Mingjie Feng. Ms. Alexander moved to Florida when her father was stationed at the Eglin Air Force Base and currently attends the University of West Florida and is seeking a degree in Healthcare Administration. She proposed creating a Veterans Housing Act to utilize 50% of the currently available 42% of unused housing on military bases to provide affordable subsidized housing to military veterans and their families.

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